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Panic Attack Treatment at the Huddersfield and Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Panic attacks are the most raw form of expression of anxiety that human beings are capable of. Anxiety is a feeling that some people have that is formless and timeless - it's like a free floating feeling that has no explanation.

As humans, we hate the 'fear of the unknown' and when we feel anxiety, we have to find a way of expressing these feelings - to give anxiety a 'form'.

Panic attacks are probably the most unpleasant feeling that humans are capable of feeling, and only the raw feeling of anxiety may exceed these feelings. Panic attacks are extremely debilitating, and are accompanied by an extreme sense of fear. Because panic attacks are such a raw expression of anxiety - people who suffer from them often have great difficultly describing what they feel like, rather like describing what anxiety feels like.

Panic attacks quite often are accompanied by physical sensations, including pain. Common symptoms of panic attacks include;

"" An intense feeling of fear
"" Heart palpitations
"" Shortness of breath
"" Tight chest or chest pains
"" Sweating
"" Nausea
"" Dizziness
"" Light headiness
"" Hyperventilation (quickening of breathing rate)
"" Sensations of smothering
"" Sensations of choking
"" A feeling of being disconnected

Someone who is experiencing a panic attack for the first time, may be so surprised by the feelings, they may genuinely feel like they are dying, or having a heart attack. Panic attacks can potentially lead to the misdiagnosis of asthma due to the similarities of many of the symptoms of panic attacks and asthma.

Is normal hypnotherapy a potential cure for panic attacks?

In short, no. What I mean by 'normal' hypnotherapy is what is commonly known as clinical hypnosis or suggestion therapy.

Clinical hypnosis (suggestion therapy) aims to deal with the symptoms, not the cause. By attempting to deal with the symptoms of panic attacks with suggestion therapy, this will not release the cause of the panic attacks, which is anxiety locked up within the mind.

At best, suggestion therapy will offer temporary relief from panic attacks, and at worst, symptom substitution will take place and the client will experience some other, possibly more debilitating symptoms. To learn more about symptom substitution and how this takes place, please read my anxiety treatment page.

Is Pure Hypnoanalysis an effective panic attack treatment?

Fortunately for people suffering from panic attacks, there is a solution that offer permanent relief from panic attacks and all symptoms associated with them. Pure hypnoanalysis aims to release the anxiety which is causing the panic attacks, and when this is achieved, permanent freedom from panic attacks occurs.

When suggestion therapy (clinical hypnosis) is used to attempt to treat panic attacks, this is very much like trying to 'paint over the cracks' because it isn't dealing with the cause of the panic attacks. As far as I'm concerned this is nonsense.

How would you like to live your life free of panic attacks?

How would you like to overcome these feelings permanently without the help of drugs?

My aim with Pure Hypnoanalysis is to achieve a permanent result, allowing my client to live free from panic attacks permanently.

If you would like more information on this panic attack treatment, and how I am able to help you live your life permanently free of panic attacks, then please don't hesitate to contact me.

We can then arrange from a no obligation, completely confidential and free consultation to discuss your specific needs further. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in the near future.

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