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Anxiety Treatment at the Huddersfield and Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Anxiety is a timeless and formless feeling that can affect peoples lives very deeply. It's a feeling that something is wrong but not being able to identify exactly what. Indeed, very often there is nothing wrong, but as human beings don't like the 'unknown' - we look for something to explain and justify why we are feeling this way.

What I mean by this, is if we can find a logical explanation as to why we are feeling anxious - it makes us feel a great deal better - we have removed the 'fear of the unknown', and replaced it with a 'logical' explanation as to why we are feeling anxious.

Anxiety is quite a unique emotion in that we commonly have no explanation of 'where' this feeling is coming from. Indeed, the truth of the matter is, if we did know, we would cease to feel anxious.

Some peoples lives are consumed by anxiety, and this can often lead people to feel that they are being controlled by these feelings. Because the feeling of anxiety is so timeless, and formless - we look for an explanation as to why we are feeling this way.

Anxiety can be felt sporadically or as a constant sense that something is wrong or is about to go wrong.

The 'fear of the unknown' leads to anxiety related symptoms

When we feel anxious, we very often have absolutely no explanation why, and this is a most uncomfortable feeling. Indeed, this feeling of 'raw' anxiety is so uncomfortable humans commonly have two ways to deal with it.

Panic attacks are the raw expression of anxiety

Firstly, we may just have a panic attack - which is the most raw form of anxiety expression that as humans we have. Panic attacks are extremely unpleasant and could quite often be described as one of the most horrible feelings that can be experienced.

Panic attacks, although horrible, are simply a form of 'anxiety expression' - it gives us an outlet and an explanation for the feelings of anxiety. Pure hypnoanalysis offers a very effective panic attack treatment and you are very welcome to come and see me for a free, no obligation, and confidential consultation at any time to discuss this treatment further.

Anxiety is at the root of all psychosomatic symptoms

Secondly, we develop psychosomatic symptoms. 'Psychosomatic symptoms' are symptoms that have no medical explanation. These include all of the symptoms mentioned on this website. However, just because there is no medical explanation, doesn't mean in any way that for people suffering from such symptoms that they are not real.

We, as humans, have developed some really clever techniques to give 'form' to that timeless, formless, free-floating anxiety that we talked about earlier, to remove the 'fear of the unknown'. A prime example of this is the development of phobias.

By developing a fear of spiders for example, we lead ourselves to believe that we are anxious because of the spider - indeed, spiders make us feel anxious. If you speak to anyone who has such a fear, they will explain that they feel anxious because of the spider. This is a prime example. They have 'given form' to their anxiety, and so they have a 'reason' as to why they are feeling anxious. This mind exercise has removed the 'fear of the unknown' (the anxiety/anxious feelings) and has reasoned a 'logical' explanation as to why they are feeling this way. This ultimately makes the person feel better. It is overall a less harrowing feeling to be afraid of a spider than to simply feel anxiety.

Anxiety makes us feel out of control

Since the feeling of anxiousness seems to come from nowhere (and has apparently no logical explanation until we create one), anxiety makes us feel out of control. These feelings align themselves with the example just discussed. When we fear spiders - it's not really the actual spider we are fearing, it the fact that the spider might run up our arm or do something out of our control. The same too follows for all phobias (fear of flying etc.).

Why is suggestion therapy isn't the answer for permanent anxiety release

Commonly, people may seek what I call 'regular' hypnotherapy for help with their anxious feeling. This is sometimes known as clinical hypnosis or suggestion therapy. From reading within this website, you will learn that clinical hypnosis only deals with the symptoms (the expression of anxiety) and not the cause of the symptoms (the cause of the anxiety itself).

Clinical hypnotherapy (which I am also trained in) is very useful for when clients need a quick fix. For example, they fear flying but are going on holiday in a week or so. In this case, clinical hypnotherapy can be used to help alleviate (even remove) their fear of flying.

However, at no point in this process has the anxiety (that was actually causing this fear) been dealt with. What will commonly happen, is that in this case, the fear of flying will return some days/ weeks/ months later. Commonly though, because the anxiety hasn't itself been dealt with, it will find another form of expression. This is known as 'symptom substitution'.

Anxiety will always find a route of expression

If in the example above, the fear of flying didn't return, the ex-aviophobic, would develop some other form of anxiety expression - another psychosomatic symptom. This may be another phobia, for example spiders, or open spaces, or may develop any one or a number of any of the symptoms described within this website.

The client, who originally consulted for fear of flying, would be completely unaware that symptom substitution had taken place, and would still hold the hypnotherapist in high regard for sorting out their fear of flying - despite having developed further symptoms of anxiety.

Are you seeking help with your anxiety?

Would you like to overcome your anxiety and live your life free from these feelings?

Pure hypnoanalysis is the only anxiety treatment in the world with permanent results!

Pure hypnoanalysis aims at discovering the cause of the anxiety - and when this is achieved, the anxiety is released - permanently. When this happens, the symptoms created by the anxiety become meaningless (because they were simply an 'expression' of the anxiety) and so the symptoms quite literally fade away and cease to exist.

If you would like to learn more about treating your anxiety permanently, you are welcome to get in touch with me. You are welcome to see me at the Huddersfield Hypnotherapy Clinic (in Huddersfield town centre) or indeed at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic (15 minutes walk from Manchester city centre).

Please get in touch with me to arrange for a free, confidential, no obligation consultation so that we can discuss your specific needs further. I look forward to hearing from you.

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