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The easy way to stop smoking with the power of hypnosis
at the Huddersfield and Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Stop smoking in 1 hour with Huddersfield Hypnotherapy Clinic

Using the power of hypnosis and your own mind you too can become a non-smoker.

  • Have you ever found yourself trying to stop smoking - only to find moments later you are puffing at another one as if your life depended on it?

  • Have you ever tried to stop smoking and then found yourself taking it out on everybody around you?

  • Have you ever stood out in the pouring rain in the freezing cold enjoying a ciggy with your smoking buddies?

  • Have you ever rooted around in an ash tray or gone through the bins for a dog-end or two?

  • Have you ever driven to a garage late at night to stock yourself up for the best ciggy of the day - yes - that morning smoke?!

Some of you may be chuckling now because most smokers will relate to some or all of the above. The things smokers do to support their habit.

"Hi James, Hope you are well, I visited you for an appointment over a month ago to help me stop smoking. May i thank you very much for helping me to overcome this issue that has been a cloud over my well being for several years in a manner that was enlightening and strangley enjoyable.." J.Milner (Huddersfield)

Manchester Hypnosis Fact Icon

Smoking is an amazing habit, and it's not hard to understand why people do it. It's that realiable 'friend' who gives you comfort when you feel stressed. It will even give you a small head-rush if you abstain for several hours. It's your buddy with that cup of coffee. It's the friend that helps you out in social situations.

How would you like to feel like and be a non-smoker?

Have you ever thought what it would be like to simply not want to smoke - to have the mind set of a non-smoker. People who have never smoked don't even think about smoking and aren't even bothered if someone offers them a cigarette. They simply say, "No thanks, I don't smoke". It presents no issue to them. I'm sure you've tried in the past to stop, and indeed may have for months - but when 'tested' at a party, perhaps after a glass of wine or two - decide, "oh I'll just treat myself to one". This is what I call the self reward smoke. Commonly, smokers who do give up smoking by will power, months later find themselves rewarding themselves with a ciggy for 'giving up'! They justify this action by thinking, "Well, it wasn't that hard to give up, I just have one - it won't hurt".

End the cycle of smoking, giving up, and starting again

My technique is proven with thousands of clients and uses a blend of psychology and an extremely effective form of hypnotherapy - allow you to become a non-smoker in only one hour, like many others who have visited the Huddersfield Hypnotherapy Clinic.

r unique stop smoking method is tried and tested with an over 95% success rate!
Manchester Hypnosis Fact Icon

So why do you want to become a non-smoker?

To feel healthier?
To feel more in control of your life?
To have more sex drive?
To save money?

These are all great reasons, but how are you going to relax now? What's going to make you feel better after a long day at work? When you've had an argument with your partner? When you're stuck in a traffic jam?

Why would you WANT to stop smoking and quit your habit of smoking forever?

Smoking provides very real benefits to a smoker. It does give a sense of relaxation (although biologically it's doing the opposite), it doesn't let you down, and it does all the things you believe it does. It's a fantastic habit, and lives up to it's promises - it's why smokers smoke. It's no wonder why so many people smoke cigarettes all of their lives. It produced very real, positive effects for the smoker. Smoking helps you cope with life; it's like a friend who's always with you, a friend who never let's you down. We all know that smoking is bad for health, but the habit gives you so much, why would you want to give it up?

Nobody likes giving something up and getting nothing in return
- and smoking is no exception!

With our unique system, you give up nothing
…YOU get something much better instead!
Manchester Hypnosis Fact Icon

Hypnotherapy brings feelings of calmness in situations that used to stress you out, feelings of being 'just right' at times which might previously have driven you to spark up your next cigarette. You will be calmer, more relaxed and more confident without smoking! By becoming a non-smoker - you won't be giving up any of the benefits that you currently receive, in fact, you'll receive those benefits without smoking.

"Hi James, I attended your hypnosis session to quit smoking on 20th July. You will be delighted to know that 33 days later I am a non-smoker. I was smoking about 30 a day with an average cost of £5.25 per packet - that’s a saving of almost £260.00 already!!

From the day I quit = 157 shopping days to Christmas - that's an enormous £1,236.37 - Plus my breathing has improved & I don't smell like a stinking ashtray.

I can honestly say I haven't for one minute craved a smoke, not even in the company of other smokers. Thank you James, your therapy certainly works. Kind regards." - Judith (Manchester)

Manchester Hypnosis Fact Icon

Most of my clients have already tried to quit smoking using willpower, patches and chewing gum: hypnotherapy really does offer a viable alternative that really works without substituting smoking for other gimmicks. The NHS Stop Smoking campaign seems to encourage people to switch from tobacco as the drug of choice, to other drugs such as nicotine replacement patched and gums - why? To be honest I have absolutely no idea - but this policy seems strange because my technique is so successful, people simple don't need a replacement, they are simply free to live their lives as non-smokers!

"Almost five million people died from smoking-related diseases across the world in 2000, researchers estimate." - Source BBC website (Sep 03)
Huddersfield hypnotherapy News Clip Icon

If you are truly committed to ending your smoking habit you will find the session will motivate and empower you to break the habit of smoking once and for all. During this packed session (lasting about an hour) you will learn a great deal about your current habit and by the end of the session, you will leave the Huddersfield Hypnotherapy Clinic as a non-smoker!

There is no better way to quit smoking easily
… Stop smoking in one hour!
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If you really do want to become a non-smoker, hypnosis will provide you with both the motivation and willpower to succeed, once and for all!

The Stop Smoking session is intensive and hard work, but by the end of it;

You won't even miss cigarettes
You won't feel stressed an anxious that you now don't smoke
You'll feel positive and relaxed
You'll replace cigarettes with an overwhelming feeling of pride

stop smoking with hypnosis in yorkshire

Stop smoking in Yorkshire
the easy way - my technique is proven with a 95% success rate is currently being offered at a reduced rate for a limited time only. Click here for more details! Usual price for this session is £350.

quit smoking with hypnosis in yorkshire

Please feel free to contact me now and arrange for your 1 hour session to end your habit of smoking. The session comprises of a 30 minute 'talky bit' and a 30 minute hypnotherapy session. Please note that some sessions can take 1 hr 30 min in total.

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