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Testimonials published here are done so with kind permission of people who I have seen at my hypnotherapy practices in Huddersifled and Manchester.

Testimonial from Catherine who experienced Pure Hypnoanalysis with James


"After years of trying to convince myself that I didn’t have dyspareunia, looking for a medical excuse for my symptoms, and just ignoring that nagging feeling, I decided that I needed to take some action. I’m not sure how I came across hypnotherapy, but I was looking on the web for an alternative to standard counselling options which I’d already tried, and I must have come across it on my travels and thought 'why not'.

Generally, I’d say I was a person who likes to think things through logically. I like explanations, and I don’t automatically trust what I can’t reason. Was I a bit sceptical about trying hypnotherapy? Sure. Did it work? Yes!

And that’s the great thing about it. I went to meet James with a million questions. Am I going to remember everything? (yes) Will I be in control? (yes) Will I be walking around afterwards thinking I am a chicken? (only if I want to).

But ten sessions (and a lot of nervous giggling) later, I found that I had the answer I had buried away years ago. It was honestly such a relief, the feeling of being able to put everything together, and get someplace where I could resolve things. At times, yes, some pretty embarrassing (and a little scary) stuff came up, but it felt easier knowing that I wasn’t being judged by James.

So now I’m finished, and am writing this for anyone who is considering trying it. I reckon James is good at what he does, and I don’t think I could have got to this point any other way.


Testimonial from Peter who experienced Pure Hypnoanalysis with James

"Hi James

I just wanted to email you let you know that at long last ' i am back '

i would never have been able to get to this point in my life without your help and perseverance with my anxiety issue, before I came to you i always thought anxiety was a make of car,

i have done an awful lot of studying and inputting information on the problem i had ( yes had ) i really do feel like i have got there and for whatever course it was that got me here i don't really care as long as i am here

I entered a program for my problem and i would never have contemplated that unless i had received your help

i feel i have so much to say ( nothing new there then ) but mostly i just wanted to thank you

i would like to call in to see you in the future to have a MINI therapy session just to make sure that i never left anything behind that door from my past

if you respond to this email would you email me on my personal address

i think you can see how my life is improving on a daily basis and i would never have got here without you

so a massive thank you


Testimonial from Lisa who experienced Pure Hypnoanalysis with James


"I am 32 years old and had just returned from a snowboarding trip in January. I was feeling fed up as I had spent most of the time in the bars rather than up the mountains. I had completely lost my confidence with everything. I have never been a great snowboarder but have never experienced fear like I had in January.

I considered lessons but they would have worked out expensive and I know all there is to know about the basics of snowboarding. I knew what to do, the thing I didn't know was how to tackle my fear.

I started thinking about hypnotherapy as I knew this could help with many issues like weight, smoking etc. I looked on google and was surprised to find a therapist in Huddersfield, just down the road from where I lived. I was also amazed at how professional looking the website was and how informative it was. There was a link to request a free consultation so I thought what could I lose by doing that.

I filled in my details and shortly received a telephone call from James to make an appointment. I briefly told him what the problem was and he suggested Pure Hypno Analysis.

I had never heard of this before so said I would go and have a consultation with him to see what was involved.

I met James in his room in Huddersfield. The room is lovely and relaxing and James quickly made me feel at ease. I had no idea what to expect and James explained that I would need 6 - 10 sessions to be completely free from any anxiety.

My first session was exciting and I was looking forward to feeling completely different for the rest of my life. James was very easy to talk to and some very embarrassing and personal things come up. Everything is in the strictest of confidence and James does not judge or criticise.

I have just had session 10 today and been signed off. My anxiety came to a head in session 9, session 10 was the final session to make sure everything was out. The relief I felt after session 9 was immense. I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I now feel I can deal with anything life throws at me without feeling anxious or getting stressed.

I cannot begin to explain how wonderful I think this therapy is. I would say 90% of the population need it and maybe the world would be a much better and happier place!

I am so amazed with the results I am considering doing the course on Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis to offer alongside my Reflexology business.

I'll continue to recommend you as well as I'm sure a lot of people I'll be meeting in the future will need your help.

I feel quite emotional really that the sessions are over. It's been a roller coaster but worth it.

Take care and all the best for the future. I wish you all the success and happiness in the world.

Lisa x"

Testimonial from Karin who became a non-smoker in a single session with James


"Hi James

I dont know if you remember me, its Karin Potter. I came to see you on 27th February to have the hypnosis to stop smoking. Well you asked me to let you know how i am doing after about 1 month, so here i am almost 6 weeks later.

Since I left you on that wednesday evening i have not smoked a single cigarette since. I still cannot believe this as i was struggling to stop before i came to see you.
I would like to say thank you very much for your help, it really is amazing.

Can you please let me know if it is and if you have any spare appointments in the next few weeks? I know my mum has tried to stop on her own and doesnt agree with the patches and nicotine replacements.

I would really like to be able to help my mum to stop as easily as i have. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Many Thanks
Karin Potter"

Testimonial from Corin and Mandie who became non-smokers in a single session

stop smoking session

"Dear James

Thought it was now about time to drop you a line, you may recall that myself and my partner Mandie attended a session with your good self back in July 2007.

This week myself and Mandie celebrated achieving 6 months of being non smokers.......

What can we say....thank you, thank you, thank you!

Having been smokers for over 25 years and having tried to quit smoking on previous occasions, this has been by far the easiest, and longest we have managed, and we have no intention or inclination to start again.

A degree of will power was still required to reach this goal, however the technique you taught us via the hypnotherapy made the whole process of quitting very relaxing, and in a macabre sense enjoyable, its difficult to explain.... but what the hell, it worked!

To date we have saved over £2000.00, which is taking us to the Caribbean for my 40th in February - a 9 hour plane flight that we can now enjoy!!

Many thanks again James,

Yours Sincerely,

Corin Feltham
Mandie Smith"

Testimonial from male client who consulted me with symptoms of moderate Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and multiple phobias after seeing me for Pure Hypnoanalysis

"35 years of anxiety gone in 10 hours

For the past 35 years I have been in fear of dieing, every moment I spent on my own was hell I would constantly be checking my pulse, looking for lumps or thinking I was about to have stroke. My doctor treated me for mild depression and prescribed mild sedatives to help me through the really rough times. During the Christmas holidays of 2006 this came to a crushing crescendo which left me in bed for Christmas not only spoiling my Christmas but that of my family. I went to the doctors a few days later who for the first time in 35 years told me I had anxiety and not depression. Shortly after this I was told about James who I contacted, he assessed me and advised Hypnoanalysis. Before the therapy started James was very clear of how this would be carried out and he was true to his word.

I spent 10 weeks with James revisiting times in my past I did not want to see again, James help me through these and constantly reassured me this was not about the judgement of me or anyone else. I also revisited some of my early years at school and with my family which was one of the best experiences I have ever had, I will always be grateful to James for these.

In my final session with James we got to the route of my anxiety, this was a very emotional moment for me; again James helped me get through this.

For me now everyday gets better, I deal with life’s problems in a more mature way and always find closer to them.

The really devastating thing about my anxiety is that I managed to hide this for 35 years from the very people who love me and would have helped me through it.

I would like to thank James for his understanding and non judgemental stance during my therapy. I would also like to take this opportunity to anyone taking the time to read this if you feel you need help then I strongly recommend you talk with James."

-S. (Yorkshire)

Newspaper Article: "Unlocking the secret illness"
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder treatment
- The Huddersfield Examiner Dec 07



"THERAPY may be the best way to treat OCD.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence recommends cognitive behavioural therapy as the most effective form of treatment for OCD.

The treatment sees the sufferer working with a therapist to help them learn how to cope with their symptoms. It works by chipping away at people's beliefs and suppressing the thoughts that make them feel anxious. Attending independently-run support groups may also help because they give sufferers the chance to work through their problems together and get advice and support in a comfortable environment.

Many psychologists have suggested there is no cure for OCD, but Huddersfield-based hypnotherapist James Froggatt says he offers his clients a permanent release from their symptoms.

His Pure Hypnoanalysis treatment works by addressing the cause of a person's OCD. He said: "Some psychologists will say that people will never be cured of OCD and it's genetic, but that's not the case. "People are not born with the problem. Something has happened to cause them to have these symptoms."

"OCD is a symptom of anxiety. I work with the client to understand the cause of it and when they understand what it is, the anxiety is released. It's very rewarding to see these people released from their self imposed cages."

James Froggatt added: "OCD can very rapidly spiral out of control and go from mild to severe quickly. A sufferer can quite easily find themselves trapped in their own home checking or stacking things so it's important to get help."

Please note: Many of the clients I see, whether for treatment of OCD, phobias, sexual problems, and other such symptoms of anxiety, have already been through a full course of CBT. CBT can only ever help a client 'cope' with their symptoms because it, like so many other therapies including NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, only ever addresses the symptom itself. In doing so, the cause is never dealt with so ultimately, the anxiety remains.

'Pure Hypnoanalysis', unlike all other therapies availble, addresses the cause of the symptoms - which is bottled up emotions. When these emotions are released, the symptoms faid away. This is why Pure Hypnoanalysis is the most powerful, effective therapy in the World and the results are permanent.

A testimonial male client who consulted me for cocaine abuse after seeing me for Pure Hypnoanalysis

"I am 43 and I have never touched any drug or smoked anything for 40 years however I am sure that I have made up for that in the last 3 years as I have abused cocaine to its limits

I would love to sit here and blame everyone and everything and come up with every excuse possible, I am sure I could have everyone in tears with all the pressures worries, debts, problems, deaths and lots more besides to justify why I got hooked on coke, beak, dust, call it what you will

anyway I did and no matter who I turned to and believe me I did turn to everyone, be them professional or loved ones I was only fooling and lying to myself again and again

anyone in any sort of situation similar to me will know exactly what I am saying

I was introduced to James by my wife and it is almost certainly the only reason I am still here now and yes I do mean that, I have been took by James to some of the most uncomfortable places throughout my life and I am a 100% sceptic so it was always a difficult task for James

however we both continued and I cannot thank this true unjudgemental gentleman enough, I am still not 100% sure I am cured of that horrible self inflicted disease but I am certain I am on course for a total coke, beak free life

James thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help perseverance and understanding from myself and all my family"

- Gareth (Cheshire)

A female client who consulted me for my stop smoking session having smoked 30 a day for many years

"Hi James

I attended your hypnosis session to quit smoking on 20th July. You will be delighted to know that 33 days later I am a non-smoker. I was smoking about 30 a day with an average cost of £5.25 per packet - that’s a saving of almost £260.00 already!!

>From the day I quit = 157 shopping days to Christmas - that's an enormous £1,236.37

Plus my breathing has improved & I don't smell like a stinking ashtray.

I can honestly say I haven't for one minute craved a smoke, not even in the company of other smokers.

Thank you James, your therapy certainly works. Kind regards."

- Judith (Manchester)

Testimonial from male client who consulted me with symptoms of constant feelings of guilt and lack of sex drive after seeing me for Pure Hypnoanalysis

"Before going through hypnoanalysis, my life had been full of problems that I couldn't explain, which I now and have learnt were symptoms of anxiety. I have seen quite a few councellors during my life and I now understand why absolutely no amount of councelling ever came close to what 10 hours of hypnoanalysis did for me. My only regret is that I didn't go through this therapy years ago - my life would have been a great deal easier. My life seems so effortless now - I didn't realise how much anxiety I had trapped inside me - now that it's gone - it's amazing!!"

- J. (Yorkshire)

A male client who consulted me for my stop smoking session having smoked quite heavily for many years

"Hi James,

Hope you are well, I visited you for an appointment over a month ago to help me stop smoking.

May i thank you very much for helping me to overcome this issue that has been a cloud over my well being for several years in a manner that was enlightening and strangley enjoyable.

So much so that as we disscused in our session the other issues that I am concerned with regards obtaing therapy for more deep seated issues that i believe are preventing me from reaching my potential. I would be grateful if you would contact me to arrange another appointment so that we can discuss how suggestion and/or hypnoanalytical therapy may benefit me further.!"

- J.Milner (Huddersfield)

A male client who consulted me for 2 suggestion therapy sessions who was suffering form symptoms of exam anxiety

"Before undergoing hypnotherapy I felt I was a fairly relaxed person who would rarely succumb to pressure. In fact I found that I generally performed my best when under pressure: I produced all my best work at university under the shadow of a looming deadline! However this was far from mirrored in my examinations in which I had always performed poorly. Essays had never been a problem, and I had always scored highly. This led me to convince myself throughout studying for my GCSEs, A Levels and degree that my lack of success in exams was entirely due to inadequate preparation or poor exam technique. However, during my postgraduate studies a tutor informed me that my exam scripts suggested they had been written under the influence of a panic attack.

This intrigued me and so after reading around the subject decided to undergo hypnotherapy. Since undergoing the process I have found that my experience of an examination has changed completely. Before undergoing hypnosis with James, I would become so worked up that even the thought of waiting for an exam to begin would set me spiralling. During exams I would be unable to recall facts which had been familiar only hours before. After hypnosis I found the experience of an exam to be entirely different.

Exams became calming environments which allowed me to focus on the task in hand and recall information easily and set it down in a structured way. There have also been secondary benefits to undergoing hypnotherapy other than with exams. I find that I am generally calmer in my daily life and that my memory has improved and that I am now a more positive person. These I ascribe entirely to hypnotherapy.

My experience with hypnotherapy has had a fantastic impact on my life and I cannot recommend it enough."

- Alex Taylor (Manchester)

Testimonial from female client who consulted me with symptoms of Emetophobia, panic attacks, headaches and low self-esteem after seeing me for Pure Hypnoanalysis

"I had read about hypnotherapy, or more to the point, suggestion therapy a while ago, as an option to help me after visiting a councellor for 2 years hadn't done anything for me (except to be a shoulder to cry on), but felt a little cautious as I has heard that suggestion therapy was just a temporary help to my problems and wanted to know if their was anything better. I didn't want a temporary fix, i wanted to be permanently helped. Cured if you like. I was suffering from what i now like to term 'problems with living', to be more precise, I suffered from emetophobia, anxiety attacks and migraine headaches, and also suffered from very low self-esteem. Thankfully after my course of hypnoanalysis (8 weeks), all my suffering has gone and as unbelievable as it may be, I feel extremely confident about my future and am eternally grateful that I found this therapy."

- S.W. (Halifax)

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