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Drug abuse treatment
at the Huddersfield and Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

hypnotherapy and drugs

Drugs in our society are shrowded by misinformation, and information regarding drug use commonly meets with a lack of understanding of why people take drugs in the first place. Society and social views will often meet with an outright 'drugs are bad' policy which derives generally from an ignorant point of view. It would be very hard to convince someone in a night club on Ecstasy that 'drugs are bad' simply because for all intent and purposes they are not having a bad time at all - indeed most likely, they are having a most wonderful time.

Misinformation can become very confusing for people who find themselves dependent on them in some way (for example as a means of escapism). Please understand I do not condone illegal activities in these writings - but I present a very realistic view of drug use/ abuse/ and addiction. My role as a hypnoanalytical therapist is not to judge - it is simply to help.

From my experience as a hypnotherapist and indeed life, I summarise commonly used and abused drugs below, why in my personal view people take them, and how I may be able to offer assistence to those people who feel their lives are being controlled by them (feel dependent on them in some way either psychologically or physiologically).

Do you need help to overcome drug abuse problems?

Please click on any of the links below for information regarding these substances, and how I am able to offer help.

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