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Overcoming abuse
at the Huddersfield and Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Huddersfield Hypnotherapy Clinic can help you with the effects of abuse

The term abuse is a general term, which for the purposes of this website is defined as all forms of maltreatment, including mental, physical and sexual abuse. These types of abuse are consistent with making someone feel small, unwanted or worthless. Quite often, people seeking help from an experienced hypnotherapist will be seeking help to resolve abuse experienced as during childhood, but some people will also be seeking help for resolving abuse experienced as adults.

It is interesting that whilst we freely use the terms children and adults in our language, it is very difficult to actually pinpoint the distinction between the two (apart from physical appearance). We may see adults behaving like children in a playful healthy way, and we may also see adults behaving like children in a negative way (for example arguing over "spilt milk"). Conversely we as "'adults" may see young children behave in ways that are uncannily akin to adult behaviour. For example, children who seem to have extreme intelligence and insight or those who excel at playing a musical instrument at an extremely young age. In terms of therapy, one thing is for sure; children are more vulnerable to the long lasting effects of abuse of any form than adults.

Huddersfield Hypnotherapy Clinic can relieve symptoms resulting from child abuse

We, as adults, take it for granted that we can "'deal with it". What is meant by this is that if we upset someone in a pub and get punched, or find ourselves in a situation that is sexual but not exactly what we are totally comfortable with, we generally have the ability as adults to reason and deal with the feelings and emotions (the overall experience) of that situation.

We may talk to a friend about it, or reason with ourselves to make ourselves feel better. Either way, we are able to lower our feelings of anxiety about it. This is not to say that adults are not vulnerable to long lasting effects of abuse - this is simply not true - but it is fair to day that children certainly are more vulnerable to long lasting effects.

As children develop, they begin life with a very basic set of emotions. These emotions primarily deal with being fed; after all, this is the most essential need of a new born. These emotions express themselves as crying and screaming for food and comfort, or being calm and satisfied that all of their needs have been met. As time passes, children develop other emotions through exploring what they are able to do and seeing what works. This becomes a great adventure of trial and error as development continues. As boundaries are expanded children learn to be jealous, to be excited, to anticipate, to deceive, to misbehave, and so on, slowly developing all of the emotional states and skills that adults normally have.

Children cannot deal with certain emotions as adults do

As children develop, they develop more and more emotional capacity and most of these emotions occur in order to reduce levels of internal anxiety. Children cry and scream because they are anxious, and this crying and screaming then lowers anxiety because the anxiety has a form of expression - an outlet. It is for much the same reason that adults cry. Indeed, men who find it difficult to cry (for reasons such as social conditioning and fearing not appearing to act like a "man") should cry if feel they they want to, as crying is a built-in natural process that helps to reduce feelings of anxiety.

For children, as they learn and develop new emotional states/ feelings, most of these emotions can be expressed. If a child feels happy, it expresses this happiness by running about like crazy whilst grinning from ear to ear. If a child is sad, it show this by frowning and crying. If a child is jealous, it shows this be lashing out at his or her brother or sister for example.

The range of emotions that are gradually learnt by the child can be expressed, but crucially there are some emotions that are difficult to express. Some emotions are unique and very complex. It takes a great deal of intelligence and development to be able to process and resolve certain feelings.

Even adults can find it very difficult to deal with certain emotions; indeed some adults may feel bad for years about some situation or event, but nevertheless, they are able to rationalise and "deal with" these feelings so that life can become bearable again. Children are not developed enough to do this so in order to prevent what would be akin to a nervous breakdown, the child has a mechanism to cope with this unknown strange feeling that has no route of expression, and that causes certain emotions to be bottled up inside.

Sometimes, when certain emotions have no outlet of expression, a protection mechanism kicks in which can cause the complete removal of the event and experience that generated such emotions. This knowledge, the event and experience that generated these feelings that could not be processed in any way by the mind ends up completely buried within the subconscious mind.

Although the event that created these emotions cannot be recalled, the emotion associated with the event has not vanished and this creates permament internal anxiety which, unless released, will be present within the subconscious of the being for the rest of life.

Unconscious anxiety creates psychosomatic symptoms

When anxiety becomes locked up within the psyche, the event that caused this to happen is completely out of the realm of consciousness, but crucially, as with all anxiety, even though it is locked up inside our subconscious mind, it has to be expressed and vented to prevent extremely serious mental disorders developing, such as a full mental breakdown. Indeed, people who do experience mental breakdowns, assuming they recover, do generally feel a sense of 'weight being lifted' and 'relief' as the anxiety has found an outlet. Indeed for some people, a mental breakdown can be a highly liberating experience.

Huddersfield Hypnotherapy Clinic can help you recover from sexual and other types of abuse

Anxiety that results from bottled up emotions, is like a constant internal pressure, much like lava in a volcano, it has to be released somehow and always does find a release. The releasing of this internal anxiety creates what is known "psychosomatic symptoms", that is, symptoms that medical science cannot find a physical (physiological) explanation for. Importantly, though, internal anxiety can, through it's expression, create very real physical symptoms.

There are many psychosomatic symptoms described on this website, many of which have internal anxiety at their root. There is one thing that people with eating disorders, people with compulsions, people with obsessions, people with phobias, people with sexual problems (providing there is no medical explanation for the problem), people with any psychosomatic symptom all have in common, and that is bottled up emotions (anxiety).

So how can this internal anxiety be finally released?

Huddersfield Hypnotherapy Clinic can relieve symptoms resulting from repressions

Here are the Huddersfield Hypnotherapy Clinic I offer the worlds best form of therapy for permanently releasing this anxiety, and therefore making way for permanent positive changes in peoples lives. Pure Hypnoanalysis will assist clients in permanently releasing internal anxiety and thus permanently removing (i.e. curing) most psychosomatic ailments that cause so much suffering to children and adults alike.

Hypnoanalytical Therapy is very natural, completely non-directive therapy, and creates a space in which you are able to release this anxiety for yourself, once and for all. The results, the sense of 'weight being lifted', the sense of 'everything finally making sense' has to be experienced to be believed.

It is important to note that Hypnoanalytical therapy is not only able to permanently resolve the anxiety experienced by people who have exposed to abuse, but is also able to effectively help people who feel they have a propensity to abuse (which generally, but not always, results from subconsious forces created within the person as a result of being abused in some way themselves).

I can help you with:

boost motivation with hypnosis Treatment for physical abuse - overcoming physical abuse

boost motivation with hypnosis Treatment for mental abuse - overcoming mental abuse

boost motivation with hypnosis Treatment for sexual abuse - overcoming sexual abuse

... whether you have experienced this as an adult or a child.

Would you like some help to permanently overcome the effects of abuse?

As a practitioner of pure hypnoanalysis, you will find me very open minded - non judgemental - and will very quickly realise upon meeting me that my job is simply to help whoever I see. I regularly see people who are expressing anxiety as a result of abuse, and am also able to effectively help people who are worried about feelings within themselves that lead them to considering acting act roles of abusers or indeed find themselves currently being abusers. I run two clinics, the Huddersfield Hypnotherapy Clinic and the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic (located in Huddersfield and Manchester respecitvely). Please don't hesistate to contact me and will answer any of your questions as soon as I can.

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