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Weight loss and slimming made easy with hypnotherapy
at the Huddersfield and Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Lose weight with hypnosis and hypnotherapy

The Huddersfield and Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinics offer you the very best in the skilful use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy for weight control and weight loss.

In all likelihood if you are reading this you will have tried many diets and none of them will have created the long lasting changes that you desire.

Dieting and weight control have become big business, and profits for companies selling products to help you lose weight increases year after year.

"There are no official statistics for spending on diet products, but estimates vary from $40bn to $100bn in the US alone - more than the combined value of the government's budget for health, education and welfare" - Source BBC website Manchester Hypnosis Press Icon

People who diet tend to be serial dieters, moving from last year's fad to this year's "all new" system. It's as though people are constantly looking for the right one that will finally allow them to have the figure they desire and deserve.

"The good news for the diet industry is that in the process these would-be slimmers have shed £335m on their attempts [to lose weight]" - Source BBC website (Feb 03) Manchester Hypnosis Press Icon

Every year we see more and more books, videos, DVDs, that claim to show us how we can have that perfect figure. Indeed, even "trusted" celebrities have jumped on the train simply because they know how much royalty they will get from sales – it's well worth their effort to show their faces!

To date there are over 20,000 books on Amazon.co.uk with the word diet in title and over 2,000 books with the word 'weight loss' in the title - Source Amazon.co.uk (Oct 2006) Manchester Hypnosis Fact Icon

Huddersfield Hypnotherapy Clinic can allow you to love healthy foods
With so many books, videos and DVDs on the market, why is this market expanding year-in year-out? Surely if people were actually achieving the results they desire, a massive boom in profits wouldn't just continue.

Why would people buy a new diet system if they already have the figure they are happy with? Why do these diet books, videos and DVDs flood our charity shops every year after new year's resolutions have been well and truly broken and given up on (until next year)?

"Britain is the fattest country in Europe and part of the problem is people don't realise they are overweight, says the government" - Source BBC News (Oct 06) Manchester Hypnosis Press Icon

According to the Norwich Union, the top four reasons for failure of new year's resolutions were:

Lack of will power
Too busy with work and family
Too expensive
Lack of support from friends and family

"Around a third of all adults made health-related resolutions on January 1, spending millions on gym memberships, sports equipment, slimming classes and self-help aids. But half of them have already quit [by February]" - Source Norwich Union Healthcare Manchester Hypnosis Press Icon

Whilst all these diet product do teach people how to eat healthily, seldom do they teach you how to make changes within yourself in order to make it easy so that it doesn't feel like a chore.

Hypnosis can help you feel that you prefer healthy food!

Weight loss with hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Many people have bad habits from years and years of making poor food choices, and as a result changing these behaviour patterns requires massive feats of will-power for long-term achievement.

We all know that healthy eating is essential for weight control, but many people do not have the discipline to continue eating fresh healthy foods in the long term and soon slip back into bad eating habits (quick meals, takeaways, etc.).

Hypnosis can help you break long-term poor food choice habits!

We all know that dieting alone can help you lose a few pounds, but to have the figure you desire and deserve, involves the E word – yes, Exercise. In fact, a good proportion of diets are perceived as failures because although healthy food is being eaten, no exercise is being done. Although you know you should, you just can't be bothered. You are likely to make excuses and complain of lack of will-power.

Hypnosis can help you to stay motivated - feel that you love exercising!

Many people who have already been through the dieting treadmill, with all the attempts and all the failures, are often left with a feeling that they are a failure. This is all very bad programming! You are NOT a failure! You have simply never had the correct tools to achieve your goals.

Natural rapid weight loss is promised by so many weight loss programs, but seldom so they deliver...

A $100bn industry isn't interested in helping you with the long-term changes you desire – it's interested in SELLING you books, videos, and DVDs.

Paul McKenna I use a very similar techique to the Paul McKenna weight loss system. I have received tuition in this fascinating field of weight loss as taught to me by Andrew Newton (the guy who trained Paul McKenna). Manchester Hypnosis Fact Icon

I have attended a seminar lead by Andrew Newton, the same guy that trained Paul McKenna and have learnt some very unique weight loss hypnotic methods - I'm looking forward to helping you be the weight you want to be!

Huddersfield Hypnotherapy Clinic can help you manage your weight

If you feel like a weight-control failure – that it's all now hopeless, and there's no point in trying again – you've already programmed your mind with a negative belief system. You believe "it'll never work", so it won't.

So, why don't we now programme a new belief system for you that is positive, productive, and allows you to fully engage in your adventure towards a slimmer you, enjoying every step of the way, knowing that this time it's going to be a great success!

Hypnosis can allow you to adopt new belief systems which are far more positive and productive that ones learnt through bad experiences
(like repeated diet failures)!

Why not get in touch with me to begin your journey to the figure you desire and deserve. We can then arrange for a completely no obligation and free consultation to discuss your needs further.

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