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Depression treatment / overcoming depression
at the Huddersfield and Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Depression is generally characterise by a consistent feeling of being low. Life can deal blows to us all that makes us feel 'down' or 'miserable' but depression is often a feeling of that has no rational explanation.

People who experience depression may be able to rationalise why they feel depressed, for example because they have low self-esteem, but again, there is the question of why they have the low self-esteem and so on. Symptoms of depression generally cause a nagative impact in physical activity, general attitude, and overall emotions.

Physical effects of depression

Sleep patterns become irratic - poor sleep or oversleeping generally
Loss of energy, general fatigue, and lowering if sex drive
Headaches and other pains are commonly experienced

Depression affects overall attitide to life

Lack of interest in usually enjoyable life experiences
Difficulty in decision making
Neglecting responsabilities

Depression affects emotional well being

Feelings of irritability, pessimism, hopelessness, guilt, emptyness etc
Feelings of wanting to end it all
Feelings of worthlessness

Treatment of depression with Pure Hypnoanalysis

Depression is often the result of a complex of feelings and occurs when an overwhelming sense of hopelessness occurs by believing that 'things will never change'. The complex of feelings experienced are the result of unresolved feelings that have been bottled up. I am able to efficiently help you have relief from any of the symptoms of depression and the good news is, once the unresolved emotions are brought to light (i.e. the cause of these feelings become known) - the results are permanent.

Overcoming depression permanently is possible with Pure Hypnoanalysis

Unlike to many other therapies such as 'normal' hypnotherapy, CBT, EFT, NLP, counselling, psychology, psychiatry, which only ever deal with the symptoms, Pure Hypnoanalysis allows the cause of the feelings to be realised, and when this happens they at last become resolved, freeing the person from feelings of depression permanently.

If you would like help to overcome depression, please contact me to arrange a free consultation with no obligation so that we can discuss your specific needs.

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