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Vaginismus treatment (vaginissimus)
at the Huddersfield and Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Vaginismus is where sexual intercourse become painful and sometimes due to this, impossible, because of involuntary muscular contractions around the genitals or deep within the pelvis. This can lead to fear of penetration, fear of not pleasing her partner, depression, and other such negative emotional effects.

Due to these involuntary muscle contractions, it may be difficult or impossible to insert tampons or undergo any type of gynaecological examination. This is due to the conditioned reflex of the pubococcygeus muscle that clamps shut whenever insertion of any object is attempted. This reflex is involuntary, and is very similar to the way in which our eyes close shut as soon as an object comes near them at threatens of eyes.

Women with vaginismus have learnt to expect pain whenever anything is about to be inserted into the vagina and consequently this becomes a conditioned reflex. This sets up the condition of natural pain avoidance, causing the relevant muscle to contract to avoid penetration and thus avoid the expected pain if penetration does occur.

Vaginismus can develop in pubescent girls. If they are told that the first time they have sex will be very painful and they believe this, upon losing their virginity their unconscious minds will contract the relevant muscle in order to avoid penetration – and in doing so their bodies actually create the pain they were trying to avoid.

This reaction will now confirm that 'sex is painful', so that if sexual penetration is attempted again it is likely to be even more painful. The reflex of the muscles surrounding and within the genitals (primarily the pubococcygeus muscle) will now be even more embedded within the subconscious mind; when further attempts at pain-free sexual intercourse are attempted, the vaginismus will become more and more acute.

Many women will not understand why they have this condition and will have a great deal of difficulty in understanding how 'other' women can enjoy sex at all.

It is generally understood that there are two types of vaginismus:

  • Primary vaginismus.
  • Secondary vaginismus.

Primary Vaginismus

Women suffering from primary vaginismus are women who have never been able to enjoy vaginal penetration, or those who have always found vaginal penetration very painful.

Secondary Vaginismus

Women suffering from secondary vaginismus are women who have previously enjoyed pain-free penetrative sex but due to some event are now finding that they have symptoms of vaginismus. These symptoms can occur because of childbirth, some infection of the genitals (such as a yeast infection) or some trauma such as rape.

A common misconception of women suffering from vaginismus is that they don't want to have sex, and in most cases they yearn for it, and it is only because of the pain that avoidance seems to be the best option. Indeed many women with vaginismus enjoy sexual interaction providing that actual penetrative sex of some kind doesn't occur.

Overcome vaginisimus

People often visit me with various types of sexual problems and issues so please be assured that you will feel at ease discussing such issues with me. You will find me completely non-judgemental and easy going so you'll feel at ease when you visit me at the Huddersfield Hypnotherapy Clinic or the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic (UK). If you would like help to overcome vaginismus, then please contact me to arrange a free consultation with no obligation so that we can have a chat about your specific needs and allow me to inform you of the ways in which I will be able to assist.

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