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Homosexual feelings / gay feelings
at the Huddersfield and Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Some people live with homosexual / bisexual feelings perfectly happily and I take a very open minded 'live and let live' approach when it comes to sexuality. Some people are very happy living with homosexual feelings, whereas others feel a sense of conflict.

As a pure hypnoanalytical therapist, for me to be effective in helping clients of all sexual persuasions, I have to be completely open minded and non judgemental which is exactly the person that I am. No therapist could realistically be of any use to any client if he/she had any 'hang-ups' - and issues of sexuality are no exceptions.

I do not like to use the term 'treatment of homosexual feelings' or anything similar because it is clear that many gay people (male and female) are perfectly comfortable with their feelings towards the same sex. Indeed, it would be improbable that such a person would be seeking help with feelings they felt comfortable with.

From my experience as a pure hypnoanalytical therapist, it is clear though that some clients do have gay feelings, but do not identify themselves as 'homosexual'. Furthermore, these feelings cause conflict within themselves.

Help with overcoming conflict from homosexual feelings

People who have conflict with 'same sex' feelings often live a life that feels deceitful. Perhaps they are married into a heterosexual relationship, but nevertheless feel a sense of 'wondering' or promiscuity towards the same sex. This can lead to a person feeling they're living a kind of 'double life'. Not knowing whether they are actually gay, straight, or indeed may ultimately feel they are bisexual leading to further conflict in some cases.

It matters not one bit to me as to whether you identify yourself as straight (heterosexual), gay (homosexual) or bisexual - or indeed if you identify as something else that I am yet to learn about. I am here to help you in a very open, confidential and non-judgemental environment so if you are in conflict about your sexuality, or indeed have concerns about any aspect of your sexuality, then I look forward to being able to help you.

You will find me very easy going so you'll feel at ease when you visit me at the Huddersfield Hypnotherapy Clinic or the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic (UK). Please contact me to arrange a free consultation with no obligation so that we can have a chat about your specific needs and allow me to inform you of the ways in which I will be able to assist.

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