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e.g. Manchester and Huddersfield Hypnotherapy

The above link when clicked actually goes to my home page ( but YOU see "Manchester and Huddersfield Hypnotherapy". This text is what is known as the 'anchor text'. The importance of this is that when google sees this link on anyones website - it will think my site is something to do with Manchester and Huddersfield Hypnotherapy - which it is! So the more of these links I have dotted around the web, the more hits I will receive by people looking for hypnotherapy in Manchester and Huddersfield.

So for you to equally benefit, make sure your anchor text is relavant to your site.

e.g. If your site is about selling hypnotherapy books, then you may wish to use the anchor text "Hypnotherapy Books"

e.g. If your site is about eating disorders in females, then you may wish to use the anchor text "Eating disorders in females"

Anchor text is probably the MOST important thing to know about to make your business a success on the web!

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