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Bulimia treatment - overcoming Bulimia
at the Huddersfield and Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Bulimia derives from a deep internal emotional need that is not satisfied by the consumption of food. People with the condition of Bulimia have a very similar condition to people who binge eat, the key difference is that people who suffer from Bulimia will purge/ get rid of the food they have just consumed either by forced vomiting, or by the use of laxatives (or by using both methods). People who live with people with this condition, may not notice that their friend/ family member has an eating disorder as outward signs are not always that noticable. Unlike people suffering from Anorexia, their weight may just fluctuate and may not lose weight so dramatically.

Commonly, the purging of food is done is private, so that the condition goes undetected by others, and is, almost without exception, accompanied by feelings of shame and guilt. People with this condition may excessively exercise in order to fend off the potential of gaining weight, and this accompanied with purging of consumed food, can lead to serious health problems due to nutritional deficiencies.

People with this condition may commonly have jobs that demand much of themselves, and are particularly draw to jobs in the public eye that require them to be extrovert and self-assured (via people admiring and needing their skills) even though inside they feel inadequate. They find that they become reliant and obsessed with the control of food and this feels like a viable way of coping with their feelings deep inside. Commonly, people with this condition will be obsessed with their own weight and are likely to have distorted ideas about their own image like believing they're overweight when in reality this isn't true. In some cases, people who have bulimia may have also had first hand experience of anorexia.

The Signs of Bulimia

  • Frequent weight changes.
  • Tooth decay caused by excessive vomiting.
  • Poor skin condition and possible hair loss.
  • Irregular ‘periods’ or loss of interest in sex.
  • Lethargy and tiredness.
  • Increased risk of heart problems and problems with other internal organs.
  • Uncontrollable urges to eat vast amounts of food.
  • An obsession with food, or feeling ‘out of control’ around food.
  • Distorted perception of body weight and shape.
  • Emotional behaviour and mood swings.
  • Feelings of shame and guilt about the subject matter of food.
  • Feeling of loneliness.
  • Feelings of low self-esteem.
  • Excessively exercising.
  • Vomiting food after binge eating.
  • Taking laxatives to purge after binge eating.
  • Binge eating in private before purging food.
  • Food going missing in the house.

What is a binge?

Binge eating is the rapid consumption of large amounts of food in an effort to release a sense of anxiety. This activity can become dangerous in the long term if the anxiety is not dealt with because problems such as obesity can occur over time leading to a lowering of self-esteem (which is already likely to be quiet low) and then an intensification of binge eating due to increased anxiety. Binge eaters will often consume "comfort foods" as these are commonly high in calories like chocolate bars and pizza.

As more food is consumed, feelings of guilt and shame occur once the person feels full, although by this time, many time the "normal" amount of food may have been consumed. A sense of shame, guilt and panic will often occur at this point and an act of purging occurs, commonly through forced vomiting and the taking of laxative to purge the digestive system. Once purged, a sense of relief occurs. This relief however is only temporary, and before long, the cycle begins again.

Bulimia treatment - overcoming Bulimia with Pure Hypnoanalysis

I offer the very best form of therapy in the World for treating eating disorder conditions. Commonly known as Pure Hypnoanalysis this form of hypnotherapy permanently releases the bottled up emotions and anxiety that cause this condition and therefore present a permanent cure for the condition.

Would you like some help to overcome Bulimia?

You are welcome to contact me at any time and arrange to meet me at the Huddersfield Hypnotherapy Clinic or the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic for a no obligation free consultation so that we can discuss your needs further.

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