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Sleep and hypnosis / hypnotherapy - Ask James

I'm worried I might fall asleep in the session, would it matter?

Occasionally, clients do fall asleep whilst receiving suggestion therapy, simply because hypnosis is really just a state of deep and pleasant relaxation. If the client is feeling particularly tired before the session, he/she may feel so calm and relaxed that a genuine sleep state occurs. It can be demonstrated that even in a sleep state, people are susceptible to suggestions and so in the rare event of this happening, the session is likely to be just as productive in a therapeutic sense.

During hypnoanalytical therapy, the client is far more interactive and remains in full verbal communication with me, so it's almost impossible for the client to sleep (unless on drugs which induce sleep in which case the session wouldn't generally be started in the first place).

In short, there is absolutely no reason to worry about falling to sleep during suggestion therapy sessions. If you do, I will awake you gently at the end of the session allowing you to feel refreshed and ready to get on with your day.

You can contact me now to arrange a confidential and free consultation to discuss your needs further. My hypnotherapy practice is based in the centre of Yorkshire in Huddersfield so is very easy to access from anywhere in the North of England. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for the question.

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