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Premature Ejaculation - Ask James

Can hypnosis help with premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is very commonly experienced by men of all ages, and can be very disruptive to sexual enjoyment to the extent that men may avoid sex altogether to avoid feelings of embarassment of 'coming too soon'.

Premature ejaculation occurs because of anxiety experienced preceeding or during sexual acts. It primarily occurs because of the desire to 'not ejaculate'. When men have a desire to please their partner, but have anxiety relating to 'coming too soon', the actual desire to 'not ejaculate' invokes what is known in the field of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy as Coue's Law.

For me to demonstrate what this is, allow me to ask you a question;

"Don't think of a blue swan."

So, what has this got to do with premature ejaculation? What just happened in your mind is a clear example of Coue's law. I would put money on it that you actually did think of a blue swan. This demonstrates how although you desire 'not to ejaculate', this desire is most likely to cause you to ejaculate.

When men believe they have a premature ejaculation problem, anxiety is created upon the approach of a sexual experience. This anxiety, the fear of not pleasing his partner and coming too soon, will naturally create a desire to not ejaculate too soon, but in doing so, is actually creating the situation that he is wanting to avoid. This creates further anxiety upon the next sexual encounter, further desire to not ejaculate too soon, and so further increasing the chances of coming too soon. As you can see, this becomes an ever increasing source of worry and stress.

Hypnoanalysis can be used to remove underlying anxiety and therefore not only allow sexual encounters to occur without fear of coming too soon, but also improve many other aspects of life too - such as increasing confidence and lowering stress levels.

You may click here for more information on how I can help you with premature ejaculation and you can contact me now to arrange a confidential and free consultation to discuss your needs further. My hypnotherapy practice is based in the centre of Yorkshire in Huddersfield so is very easy to access from anywhere in the North of England. I look forward to hearing from you.

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