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Welcome to the Huddersfield and Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic (UK)

James Froggatt PhD D.Hyp (MIAPH) runs two busy hypnotherapy practices. One is situated in Huddersfield town centre and he also runs a practice from Manchester city centre. Using his skills as a hypnotherapist he is able to help people of all ages and from all walks of life.

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He offers two types of therapies which both utilise hypnosis as a tool in order to assist his clients in achieving their goals.

He is fully trained in the use of hypnosis in suggestion therapy, which can be used to assist clients to stop smoking, for weight loss, sexual problems, increase in confidence, helping with phobias – such as fear of heights, flying, closed spaces to name a few; indeed, anything that the client wishes to start doing or wishes to stop doing.

James also practices the Worlds only therapy that can permanently resolve symptoms and problems caused by anxiety - Pure Hypnoanalysis

As the leading practitioner in the North of England of Pure Hypnoanalysis (also called "hypnoanalytical therapy"), James is able to offer this therapy to his clients as the very best way to permanently release the anxiety that causes so many problems. Pure Hypnoanalysis is without any doubt the very best form of therapy in the world for treating anxiety and emotional and nervous disorders and has been proven time and time again with clients who have quite commonly previously been through other extensive treatments such as conventional hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP, EFT, psychology and indeed psychiatry with no permanent relief from their symptoms.

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Pure Hypnoanalysis is a completely non-directive method in which hypnosis is used to give clients the space to resolve deep seated-problems (such as trauma – childhood or otherwise) in a very natural way. Hypnoanalytical therapy is a proven therapeutic approach that can bring about the complete removal of symptoms such as obsessive and compulsive activities (OCD), eating disorders, self-image problems, and other such forms of anxiety expression.

weight loss with hypnosisWeight Loss
Try the real alternative to fad diets. Be the weight you want to be, easily and permanently!
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Stop smoking and quit the weedStop Smoking
Want to stop smoking? Quit smoking easily and forever in 1 hour. Our system is unique and proven!
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Sexual Health problemsSexual Problems
Confidence, premature ejaculation, orgasms, vaginismus, sex drive and more.
exam nervesExam Nerves
Hypnosis can allow you Perform your best during study periods and during exams.
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Stop smoking and quit the weedPhobias
Treatment for the fear of heights, fear of spiders, fear of public speaking, social phobia etc.
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Sexual Health problemsAnxiety
Stessed out? Would you like to lower your anxiety levels permanently and live a happier and fuller life?

exam nervesGambling Addiction
Effective and unique treatment for
all kinds if gambling addictions are available.

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Stop smoking and quit the weedEmetophobia
Unique and effective treatment for the fear being sick or the fear of seeing someone be sick.
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Sexual Health problemsSocial phobias
Unique and effective treatments for stuttering, stammering, nervousness, socialising.
You will find James very approachable, friendly, non-judgemental, easy going and reassuring. You are welcome to get in touch with him in complete confidentiality and arrange for a free consultation at any time.
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